Surprize Bingo Tear-Opens

All the excitement of Tear-Opens paper in a value-priced flat ticket.

Surprize Bingo Tear Open

Surprize Bingo Tear-Opens

Surprize Bingo offers all the same great features as traditional Tear-Opens bingo paper, but uses a unique tear off sheet.

Because Surprize Bingo doesn't fold like regular Tear-Opens, the paper will lay flat on a table or other surface. Players simply peel back the secure cover sheet to reveal the bingo face(s).

Surprize Bingo is available in six bold colours: blue, orange, green, yellow, red, and purple. The outside of each tear off sheet matches its respective border colour.

Available Series Available Cut(s)
1 - 9,000 1S1, 3V1
9,001 - 18,000 1S1, 3V1

Border Colours







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