Casino Starburst Tear-Opens

Combining two popular games for even more bingo fun!

Casino Starburst is a fun Tear-Opens game that players love! It has the same great play as our Casino Bingo Tear-Opens, with an added twist. A starburst is randomly placed on each face to provide unlimited ways to play!

Use the starburst as an extra free space, or play the game as usual but offer a bonus prize if a player bingos on the starburst! Casino Starburst Tear-Opens can also be played as a progressive jackpot game! Sell Casino Starburst and start the jackpot at a predetermined level. If a player bingos on the starburst, the jackpot is awarded. If not, a consolation prize is awarded and an extra dollar amount is added to the jackpot.

Casino Starburst Tear-Opens

Casino Starburst Tear-Opens

Available Series Player Preferred Available Cut(s)
36,001 - 45,000 1S1
45,001 - 54,000 1S1

Border Colours



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